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Mainz Gott!

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Please be warn! I don't make reviews and this is just a little take about Mainz. Plus is 1am in the morning and I'm too tired to try to make this into a proper review so here is my two cents.

 So I got my hands on this little Bratwurst, and I have to say she's.....ok. not Great, but not bad either. 

 I was hoping for a little more from her but, she still does her job at burning others and slapping DDs like a sadomasochist girlfriend. 

Guns on her are basically Nurnberg's guns on a slightly less armored Hipper. 6.0sec reload isn't bad to be honest.

Armor is a few MMs less than Hipper's. Example the Superstructure on Mainz is 13mm compared to Hipper's 16mm.

First couple of games in her were 50/50, did good in some did bad in the others, but the one thing that always happens in any match is when she gets hit, it's like getting rammed by a Semi-truck driven by a Sumo wrestler trying to get to McDonalds.


Module Upgrades I used: (slot 1)Main Arms 1, (slot 2)Damage Control, (slot 3)Main Battery, (slot 4)Steering Gear, (slot 5)Concealment.

Captain skills I went with: Preventive Maintenance (1), Adrenaline Rush (2), Survivability Expert (3), Basic Of Survivability , Superintendent (3), Demolition Expert (3), Concealment Expert (4), 

Would I recommend her as a collectable? Yes, it's a beautiful ship with a nice camo, plus it's German.

Would I recommend her for competitive? Ehhh...not really, I feel like Prinz Eugen would be a way better buy.

Rating of the Ship? MehBot 

Ok I go to sleep now...….ZZZZzzzz

Here is the results from the last match I did. (which turned out to be good)





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Lugens reload boost is easily activated on this thing. I love it. Had a game with 400 main battery hits and 150k damage. It's fantastic.

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