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USS Missouri. Near last shots fired 16inch/50cal main guns. DTG (Date/Time/Group) 02.06.1991. 00.01. Op. Desert Storm. On 03.31.1992 BB63 decommissioned for last time.


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I've seen a picture of one of the CO class firing her main battery. It looks like it's at night, as everything else is dark. But apparently it's actually in broad daylight, the muzzle flash was so bright it caused the film to be underexposed. BB main guns must have been quite something to experience, as you can guess from photos of muzzle flash, water deflections, and stories of self inflicted damage. I've often shot high powered hunting rifles. 7mm Magnum, you can feel the boom through the ground standing a good distance away, and the blast wave can be seen blowing grass several feet in front of the muzzle. We've even knocked things off the walls of the building we were just outside of. And this round is maybe 4 or 5 inches long, and maybe 1/2 in wide at most, with an amount of powder measured in grains. That's a heck of a boom, I can only imagine that a round 16in dia with propellant measured in hundreds of pounds must look and feel like a bomb going off, and that's not even on the receiving end.

While the aircraft carrier is superior, I don't think there's much that can beat an old BB in shock and awe. 

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