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Why does Match Maker hate my Des Moines??

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I like this cruiser, I usually hate playing the cruiser class but the Des Moines I often do well, yet 80% of the time I seem to get thrown into the most idiotic and downright terrible team while the enemy team is made up of pros with godlike tactics and accuracy. 


 I just rage quit the last game, Des Moines was fine, no damage but 5m into the match my team has lost 6 boats for zero enemy loss, I just can't watch another 1 sided annihilation so I abandoned the game. 6 losses straight in the DM today and I'm staerting to wonder if I'm just cursed with bad luck or I just suck. I average about 70k damage in it and usually play it OK as a support boat in keeping sky cancer away from DD's/BBs, my last game I did 160+k damage and nailed 4 ships yet we still lost...

 35% Win rate compared to the 53% with the Baltimore. Makes me think I should just get rid of it as it feels cursed and generally frustrating to play.


 I understand its usually a priority target so I never start taking pop shots in open water and I'm extra careful where I position it yet I just face palm pretty much every game as my team just melts...


I just feel like MM hates it...:(

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