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Flank Speed / All Astern Full

All ahead flank speed / Full astern!  

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  1. 1. WOuld you like the options of Full Ahead Flank Speed (Like the temp boost given to fighters) and a All Astern Full that throws the ship into full reverse/emergency stop with ship shuttering if it happens.

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    • Don't Know

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How about a temp speed boost for all ships, called Flank Speed that you have to press on (like speed boost in planes). and Emergency All stop or All Astern Full! to slow ship fast, ship will shutter as engines are thrown into reverse. Just a thought. 

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I thought the full ahead and reverse were already that? I mean the top speed in game required flat out flank IRL. And real ships couldn't hold flank speed for long durations without serious issues, so cruising around all game at what is essentially flank speed is already pushing it a bit. Also, there are a lot of ships that push a button, and the engineering team engages warp drive or something and magically we get an extra 20% speed. Also, with a couple exceptions most ships in game are pretty damn fast already, DDs over 50knts, BBs that push 40, cruisers in the high 30s pushing above 40. I mean there are multiple ships which can pretty much outrun some torps. I don't think more speed is something that's really necessary.

But sure, let's push GA to 45knts:cap_rambo::Smile_izmena::Smile_teethhappy:

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The forth speed step is equivalent to flank speed as an engine order telegraph has 1/3, 1/2, full, and for steam powered ships flank speed forward along with varying choices for reverse which in game is just full speed reverse.

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