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British Builds

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for british BB, what kinds of build should i go with, im taking a break from my german BB which i have as a brawler build so i tend to get up close. but for British BB i dont know if that would be a wise choice

any tips on what skills with my captin i should get and what i should get with my ship upgrade wise

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British BBs tend to be mid line support kind of like the USN line (well, in practice, they're often back line HE spammers, but in theory they should be mid range ships), maybe sitting slightly behind the USN line since your side is somewhat squishier. You're definitely not a brawler (the entire line has high exposed citadels that many battleships and some cruisers at tier will pen with no problems), and unlike something like the high tier USN BBs you can't even really force them into a brawling role unless you're really good with angling.

Captain wise it should be your standard survival build - PT, EM or AR (probably AR first), SI, CE or FP for your first 10 points, then the other 4 point (FP or CE), BoS, and EM. If you're starting a captain at lower tiers and planning on bringing him up the line, I'd probably take FP first since engagement ranges tend to be much shorter at lower tiers, and then by the time you reach upper mid and high tiers you should have enough points to get CE.

Modules: main armaments, damacon 1, aiming systems, damacon 2, concealment, reload. You could also use the traverse mod in slot 3 instead of aiming systems, but except for brawling battleships (where the secondary mod is a better choice anyway), improving your dispersion is always going to be a better choice if you have access to the aiming systems mod in that slot (so all BB lines except USN).

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