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Multi Crewing concept

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I have been playing computer games since the 1980's and have seen a lot of game ideas that worked and some that haven't... A game I used to play was called Air Warrior through its progression...

One thing that I and many others would basically sit at the computer and be part of was the historical events and multi-crewing bombers.. This concept I think would be great to bring into special events within WG - games like WOWs.

Some features that were available in many of the previous games and I will try to bring it in line with WOWs that I enjoyed the collaboration was:

  • Multi-Crewing larger craft - event mates were able to crew Secondary Guns
  • Historical events - only playing craft that were part of the era and the country of that side - eg English shipping against the German shipping, USA Shipping against the Japanese shipping
  • The events would be special weekend events that you registered for in advance so that the "Event Mates" had time to prepare and work out who would be doing what

The above created a lot of team play and fun which created devotion and mate-ship within the game and connected players together. The other side of the coin meant that spending time in the game to practise was needed, and the event became an equaliser because you had the rest of the crew to assist and pass on game skills rapidly so the "I'm a noob" feeling was reduced to nil very quickly...


I understand that the coding would be massive to regenerate something like this, and the server CPU resources all might prove to be non-viable, but the concept creates a dialogue of "what if..."



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