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Goliath why don't we get along

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Watching this video, I've come away with a few thoughts.

1. When you spotted that FDG near A, you started backing out of A.  I don't know if you were doing that to escape or to keep your guns on the FDG longer.  If escaping, you failed because you ended up keeping your ship exposed longer.  Secondly, I think that I'd have tried a couple of AP volleys on the FDG.  RN CA AP's not the greatest, but it's not impotent either.  And you had a pretty decent angle on the superstructure of the FDG and might have gotten some major AP damage on him (maybe).

2. Towards the very end, it seemed like you had given up against the Mass, because pulling out into that gap right before you died seemed suicidal to me.  Hey, if you were just trying to end that match quickly, fine.  Not how I'd have played it, but fine.  I'd have tried to open the range and HE spam the Mass and hoped to use my armor and dodging to attempt to burn the BB to the water line as best I could.  But that's how I play.  Or maybe if I was going to be semi suicidal, I'd have tried to angle much more aggressively and tried to tempt the Mass into wasting his shells on highly angled armor, and then hoped to close on him and torp him at point blank range.


Regardless, this video shows a significant weakness of the RN CA line in general.  And that's the weakness of their AP.  The RN CAs really need to have better AP so that they can be well balanced CAs, rather than feeling like they're meant to be only HE spammers.

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1 hour ago, Crucis said:

When you spotted that FDG near A, you started backing out of A

Yeah I did...at that point I didn't want to put myself in target of the dd as well if I came out forwards..and really at that point had no idea what else was there to pounce  with me being side on...When I realized the SS was moving up I let him take the heat since he would be bow on. 

I left the cap because I was in secondary range and he was closing fast...I didn't at that time know he was head towards the other cap and stop the chase of me.

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Can't say I'm really too impressed with the RN heavies; I have had fun with the London but only because it has smoke.  If it didn't it wouldn't be all that fun; and Wargaming decided not to give the Cheshire a smoke which would have kept the premiums at least similar.  I watch one game a 80% Ablemarle get deleted in one shot by something and he was fairly well angled.  Shame they don't have decent AP and those long gun reloads hurt when you see time after time of lackluster performance, who is going to want to grind the line.


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