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Bring us a third daily!

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There are currently two daily missions.

That is not an ideal situation.


Both of the current daily missions require tier 5 or better ships.

Which means most of our tier 4 and under ships languish in port rusting away.

Give us a third daily!  Specifically for low tier ships.  Heck, the tier can change each day.  Tier 1 on Monday, tier 2 on Tuesday, etc.  Or, make the low tier daily ship type specific: cruisers only one day, BBs only the next, etc.

I don't care.

I would just appreciate some incentive to play low tier ships.

And before anyone claims 'Seal clubbing!" do understand that WG already limits the experience of the people in your battles at low tier.  I haven't seen someone with less than 500 battles in quite a while...

So, give us a third daily mission.  One for low tier ships.  Frame it however it might work for WG and the general populace.

My bet?  That some folks will forgo the second upper tier mission in favor of the low tier mission.  Let's face it, upper tiers are more stressful and often less fun.



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That would be a lot of fun. I like it +1

I am almost never in my low tier ships.

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Low tier isn't endgame in WG's eyes since takes only handful of matches.

How do you propose to persuade them otherwise?

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Never understood the T5 restriction.  They don’t have a restriction on daily containers.  Lighten up, WG, stop crapping on low tiers.

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