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Kremlin's Torpedo Protection?

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I was studying weak spots in the armor scheme viewer for tier X BBs and noticed this with Kremlin


Every other BB I've seen is pretty straight forward when it comes to armor in that it descends accordingly: 

Deck Armor/Plating 

Citadel Armor + Armor Plating or Turtleback (If applicable)

Citadel Torpedo bulkhead + Torpedo Protection - which are underwater

Yet, Kremlin's goes:

Deck Armor

Citadel Armor

"Torpedo Protection" - Which it says torpedo protection but it's listed as "Armor belt"

Citadel Torpedo bulkhead + Torpedo Protection - which are underwater


Can someone explain how this counts as torpedo protection, but at the same time as an armor belt? Is it just really, REALLY thick torpedo protection or something?

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I'm not familiar with the historical reasons for this but in terms of the game this shows up a few times: 



There is also 'side plating' and 'bottom' that shows up every once in a while.

In the case of the conq it's over the actual bulkhead so I'm guessing it's just extra armour plated over the ship for added protection. But really that's just my guessing at work, pretty interesting, I may ask some of my friends what they think. 

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