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Another best cruiser question: DD hunter or support dd in cap.

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Tier 5 through 10 what cruiser is the best for DD hunter. I would guess Des is for tier 10. Does not have to be same nation. if you go hunting DD or support dd in cap what cruiser would you bring in each tier.  Thanks.

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Many are good but for my money as DD hunters, (you did not specify tree of premium so I give both choices per tier - note I consider DD-hunting cruiser abilities per your question, not sturdiness or other traits):

T5 Königsberg / Marblehead

T6 Budyonny - Makarov

T7 Atlanta / Flint

T8 Chapayev / Kutuzov

T9 Roon / Alaska

T10 Des Moines / Smolensk

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Tier 5-10...


Any nation cruiser with low reload...

These means the Graf spee, the KUTUZOV, the IJN cruiser line, Italian cruiser line, and  German lines  are out of the question.

All other cruiser lines are far game, your choice really, different strokes for different folks..


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I'd say most cruisers are solid against enemy DDs, and anything with Radar is very dangerous against most DDs throughout the game. Just to be clear the best DDs generally can outplay enemy Cruisers and control engagements if they are smart. Any cruiser can handle a dumb DD in almost any situation, but if a DD plays smart it can control most situations.  If you take the most stealth Cruiser (Usually the British CL of the tier) and the least stealth Destroyer of the tier (usually the RU "gun" oriented DD) you end up with a close tie in terms of camo. This means at these tiers most DDs will be able to spot an enemy Cruiser in open water and run with minimal repercussions when played correctly. So, the best "DD hunters", are the ones that can capitalize the quickest and easiest against an enemy DD.

Almost any cruiser can effectively engage a DD spotted in the open, so ships like the Admiral Hipper are not the most effective DD hunters as they can't control most engagements against a DD, but they will still mop the floor if the DD engages them. At the same time almost all cruisers "can" lose in an open water scenario simply because the DD can torp, hold fire and effectively "manage" an engagement thru visibility alone. This is one thing almost all cruisers will suffer from regardless of tier, there are some tiny exceptions like the DM Donskoi which can pop radar as soon as its spotted and still be effective at max radar range (12km), but these scenarios rely too much on blind luck and don't come up enough to warrant being a good DD hunter. 

With the above criteria a good DD hunter would be the Atlanta at tier 7. Even without Hydro, this ship can delete basically any DD in an ambush, has radar and enough firepower to minimize torp exposure. 

Basically any cruiser with decent camo and Radar can "support" a dd early game, and be a threat to dds throughout the game in multiple situations. Even cruisers without radar can still be effective against DDs in ambush scenarios, but will suffer much more in open water confrontations as they wont be able to "spot" and thus engage DDs as easily.


So this leaves 3 nations with cruisers that carry radar that DDs usually pay the most attention to:

- USN - best mid range all around threat, solid camo

- RN - best ambush, close range threat, best camo

- RU - best radar range, mid/long range threat, worst camo


I just want to end with saying that the ball is always in the DD's court early game regardless of what cruiser you drive. You can only support/engage and leverage your ships stats to "beat" enemy DDs, but you can never foolproof your way to always beating them, only stack as many chips in your favor and hope they drop the ball.


 I drive primarily cruisers, the most impactful move a cruiser with radar can do is neutralize a DD capping in smoke. Even chasing them off the cap and getting a little damage is easy to pull off if your close enough, and you know the DD is "staying still". Smart DD players will realize this, so playing to "ambush" is important so you can get close enough to engage without giving away your position. So playing off allied DDs who will act as your own eyes, capper and distraction is key to making early impactful moves against enemy DDs.





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