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Cleveland...stronk boat....nerf pleeze

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Just got around to finishing my Cleveland grind after not playing USN since the cruiser line rebuild and heard mixed reviews.  Generally I find T8 to be very challenging for cruisers and not a tier I like to play in cruisers because you are punished so badly for tiny mistakes. I don't consider myself an island lobber and trying to diversify my skill set, but that grind was silly fun. ~ 75 % WR . Boat prints credits like a broken ATM.

This thing....if positioned correctly behind the right rock is flat out OP'd and can seriously alter the plans of the opposing team -  If anything it's that 9.3 detection range that's laughable.  Unlike the Helena and Atlanta the Cleveland's shells with IFHE are very effective at smashing the super structure of higher tier BB's and you never feel out gunned.  

I can see how some cruiser players have trouble in the Cleveland because they play it as a shoot and scoot and the Cleveland is not that kind of boat. There's also a tendency that if you are low tier CA/CL to try and flank and play a support role and the Cleveland does best pushing in fast and finding the best hole in the water to be as nasty as possible while supporting friendly DDs. Doesn't matter what tier it is. 

Stronk boat.

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Technically this ship did just got hit with a nerf from the IFHE changes, so it should see reduced fire output. Baltimore and other heavy cruisers got a slight buff due to heavy cruiser armor changes, where-as the Cleveland didn't. Its not exactly a nerf, but it does put the Cleveland (along with other light cruisers) at a slight disadvantage compared to most of the competition when it comes to tanking AP.

Ships still pretty strong even when pitted against high tier opponents, since its main advantage is offence which is more or less the same offence available at tier 10. (just with vastly faster fire rate) It **is a stronk boat** when played correctly. 

Enjoy the rest of the line, as if you can succeed in the Cleveland, you should do fine in the next 2 ships as they are more or less the same but only get better :D

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Don't forget it always got upped to tier 8, it was a lower tier in the past so that's also a bit of a nerf, i miss the lower tier heheh

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