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Torpedo power creep since 2015

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I've been playing the game since 2015. I've seen a lot of things added to the game such as hydro, vigilance and now torpedo detection modules. There are even commanders that have improved vigilance skill.

The thing that has remained relatively static during this time is the speed of torpedoes. All the while the game has released ships that are incredibly fast and even battleships that can almost outrun some torpedoes. 

if you throw all this together you realize that torpedoes are becoming incredibly easy to dodge compared to where they were when the game first launched.

The answer to that recently has been the introduction of European destroyers. With torpedo speeds of skilled up to 95 knots. it seems wargaming has taken an incredibly cautious route with these by giving them extremely low damage for their tier at 10K each even for tier 10.

Am I the only one who thinks European torpedoes should be full damage? In my humble opinion I feel like the increase in speed gets us back to almost where we were before all of these torpedo detection tools were introduced into the game.


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WG hates DDs and torps, because BB players whine about DDs and torps no end, because BB players don't want to WASD or change their speed and/or direction to avoid torps and instead get sunk by them. Since WG makes most of it's money off of BB sales they cater to BB complaints HARD. Most of the nerfs and changes you've seen in this game in the last 4 years have been to satisfy BB complaints. They are the most catered to type of ship in the game.

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