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Is Shikishima going to be 35k Steel?

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Was perusing gamemodels3d and came across Shikishima info for 0.9.3 and saw this:


I am familiar with placeholder values, but typically it is something obvious like 1 credit/doubloon, or 99,999. This 35k value seemed awfully specific, so I decided to check the wargaming wiki :


Is this the steel price WG are expecting people to fork over for Shikishima? I mean Bourgogne was 30k and that seemed a bit excessive. I think I would be ok with another 30k T10 steel BB, since that precedent has been set, but 5k more steel for a "meh" T10 BB?



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Yeah, I'll definitely be skipping it. I don't like real Yamato, not going to get an expensive junkier yammy. 

And as a player who did not get black or Flint before steel came into the game and only had one Stalingrad flag, I've now caught up to steel ship releases. I just bought bourgogne and have about 20k steel right now and a coupon coming in June... How many players had 3 Stalingrad flags and Flint and black when they released steel and what does WG expect them to do with their steel? 

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