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FMOD template?

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I just had an idea that will probably tickle at least one person's pickle other than my own.


I want to replace some of the sounds in the game with Reaper sounds from Mass Effect. Think about it. You destroy someone and instead of a big explosion, you hear the epic "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" of the mega huge fog horn of a reaper, possibly along with the laser sound they have. There are other things I'd tinker with as well, like possibly replacing the tinkle noise that happens whenever you throttle up/down or turn with things more akin to a Reaper's servos whining when they make a change in direction in-atmo. Maybe replace the announcer with Harbinger as well.


TL;DR - I want to make a sound mod. Does anyone know where I could find the FMOD template for this game's destruction sounds, weapon sounds, and announcer? If not, can anyone point me in the right direction of making a template myself (I only know how to make the mods, not the templates)?

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