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World of Warships Steam Massive Issue.

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I got the game through steam in 2018, haven't had too many problems with it so far... but nothing in this world can last forever, can it? Today I experienced the weirdest problem I have ever experienced in my life, as in, I have to uninstall the entire damn game because of the problems. It first started with a bit of lagging and crashing, after one match in the GK while loading the post-battle results screen the game kicked me from the server. I was sent to the login page for no particular reason, upon reconnecting the game was slow and lagging, after a few moments the game started to run at its usual 76fps that it usually runs at. However, upon trying to enter into a match the client froze and an ever-familiar "World of Warships has stopped responding would you like to cancel the task?" popped up. I had to restart the entire client and only then did it allow me to enter the battle.

These issues are not new and I have experienced them before, however, what is new to me is a bug that would overlay modules, port or the exterior tab over top of my clan base. This occurred when I opened the clan base to check resources when I clicked on the port tab I expected the clan tab to close. Instead, the port tab seemed to be overlayed on top of the clan tab, this remained constant as I opened different tabs in hopes to get rid of the clan resource page. I eventually got rid of the clan page by hitting escape and decided to restart my computer and the client. I exited the game, restarted the computer, clicked on the World of Warships client icon and waited for the game to load up. When it eventually did, I was greeted to the "Select which region you're in" which is first presented to you upon first downloading the game from steam. This meant that the game thought that I had never played before despite me playing not 1 minute prior, regardless I selected NA and thankfully it logged me into my normal account without anything lost. Apart from every setting I had made Graphics, Audio, Controls, Carrousel view and aiming reticle all had to be reset by me because the game set all my previous setting back to the defaults, it also attempted to tell me how to set up a primary AA sector and other various things that would be tough to a rookie. Essentially it thought I was a newbie apart from all my ships and progress being restored.

But it gets even worse, after resetting all my preferences I returned to battle, I played a single battle and after I got back to my port I was going to attempt to select another ship but when I clicked on my Alaska nothing changed. I mean the ship in the background changed but nothing else did. It still had my British Thunderer Captain, with a British flag behind him, underneath the name Thunderer, Thunderer modules on the side. Once again I decided to restart the client and upon once again trying to open the game I was greeted with the "Select which region you're in" I decided I had enough of that and thought maybe the problem was once again with my computer so I restarted it. And when it finally turned on again I got a pleasant surprise, it had signed me out of steam, not only that steam said that the game was no longer installed on my damn computer. Whenever I tried to launch it from the icon or from inside steam it would attempt to install a game that was already installed... despite me being able to look in the steam folder and see the World of Warships folder sitting right there. Even when I tried to launch the game through the files themself it told me I had to "Re-install the game" because it apparently didn't exist (not sure what kind of logic can produce a response like that but whatever). So that's where I'm at right now, I'm pissed off at my PC, Steam and WoWs for making me re-installing a game that already exists on my computer, I would greatly appreciate any help that can be provided, thank you.

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