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Swedish DD consumables

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I got the Visby today and while playing I noticed something rather annoying.

Every other DD I have uses 'Y' for speed boost. Other DDs I have that have a heal use 'U' for heal. This seems pretty consistent for DDs.

But the Visby decided to go it's own way. 'T' is used for speed boost and 'Y' is used for heal.

Why in the world would WG do this? Is it really that hard to make 'Y' speed boost and 'U' heal on all DDs that have these consumables? That just seems like 'Good UI Design 101' to me.

The Kidd also uses 'Y' for heal and puts speed boost and defensive AA on 'U'. Again, why would they do this? Were they bored with the way consumables are arranged on all other DDs?


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