As you may already be familiar, I typically host a weekly #screenshotsaturday contest on our social media pages. In turn, I’ve seen a lot of amazing screenshots that have come in from our players, but also a number of questions about how to capture these types of screenshots. Therefore, I thought it would be a great opportunity to review how to watch your game replays, take screenshots, and use hotkeys for free cams so that you all can get the perfect game capture! Because who knows when you may need to use that epic torpedo soup drop for bragging rights    How to access replays and screenshots? Replays are automatically saved in your game folder on your computer. You will first have to find the folder on your computer where you’ve saved the game. Once you’ve found this folder you should be able to open it up and find another file labeled “Replays” which automatically saves the last 15 gameplays you’ve played. The will be in the folder labeled with the ship you played and timestamp.  (The exception being when a new patch is released. Your replays prior to the patch will no longer be accessible.)   Now that you’ve found the folder, to open a replay you must first make sure that you don’t have the game currently running. Then, right-click the replay that you would like to view and select Open. For the first time you do this, your computer may ask you what program to open the file with. You will need to select the World of Warships game client. Once you have told your computer how to open these files, they should automatically open the game every time you open these files.  You probably also noticed that in the same game folder where your replays are located, there is another folder labeled “Screenshot”. At any point in the game, you can press Prt Sc to save a screenshot from the game to this folder When doing this in a battle, it won’t make any noise, there will not be any distinct notification, but it will automatically save here in the folder. Note: This feature, unfortunately, does not work when watching replays. This is only for regular game client mode. For capturing screenshots in replays, you will still have to use the good ole’ fashioned Prt Scr button and paste it into Paint (or Photoshop if you’re fancy )   How to control the Cameras during replays? Once you’re watching your replays there are several hotkeys that you can use which I’ve listed below. It should be noted, that majority of these options are specifically for Free cam mode, so if you are wanting to watch the battle from a tournament-style view, you’re going to want to just start off in the free cam mode -> Ctrl + Shift + Backspace   General Hide / show interface Ctrl + J Playback Toggles Pause and resume playback End Set x1 playback speed (does not resumes playback from pause) Home Increase playback speed Insert Decrease playback speed Delete Fast forward >  Fast backward <  Fast forward х2 Ctrl +> Fast backward х2 Ctrl + < Camera control Link / Unlink camera  C Free camera mode Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Move camera in parallel to water ←, →, ↑, ↓ Move camera up Num9 Move camera down Num7 Zoom in / Zoom out Mouse wheel Link to the ship in front of camera in free camera mode (hard link, includes rotating with the ship) B Link to the position of the ship in front of the camera Ctrl + B Switching different free camera modes 1-9 Switching additional free camera modes Shift + 1-9 Rotating camera Num4, Num6 Camera angling Num2, Num8 Move camera to the point of interest Num1 Move camera away from the point of interest Num3 Increase/decrease camera movement speed Num + / Num- Increase / decrease camera movement acceleration / deceleration Shift + (Num + / Num-) Increase/decrease the radius of the free camera sphere (the sphere around the real camera position. The real position becomes a point of interest) Shift + Mouse wheel Snapshots control Save a snapshot F5 Load the closest snapshot before the current moment F6 Load the closest snapshot after the current moment F7 Load the latest saved snapshot F8   Being able to freely move the camera while watching replays also provides a totally new experience for appreciating some of the game landscapes and graphics that typically get overlooked by the average person.   I’ve also found it particularly helpful in my personal quest to “get gud” to watch replays specifically to watch how other members on my team handled being in certain situations. I hope you all find this helpful. I invite you to use this thread to share any cool and interesting screenshots you were able to take with this method. Also please let us know if you have any additional tips that I may have missed in this guide.   See you on the high seas, Captains!