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Hood Captain skills?

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So I am a recently returning player and a lot has changed it seems. I was using someone else build at the time but as it's probably outdated by now and I cannot remember nor find it again to finish it, I thought I would see if anyone knew a build.  My current build looks of been going tanky route. I don't mind what I have right now and I would probably put my next point in maybe EM or CE. I can normally use my heals pretty quickly with this which is nice since I have 5 of them and with the India Delta signal It boosts the amount healed more. Basics of survival might be good to add too.



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Get Jack or Bert Dunkirk Captain and use PT, PM, EM, AR, SI, CE to start with. And then what ever damage or fire management skills you prefer. I like using Jack of all Trades and High Alert as my damage management skills.

Jack and Bery Dunkirk Captains have enhanced EM and Jack of All trade skills that can be rather useful on BBs and I use Jack Dunkirk 19 point captain on Queen Elizabeth and on all the mid tier Royal Navy BBs and he works rather well. Which really helps not having to have specific Captain has for each of the RN ships.

Oh and the other thing all the RN BBs in tiers 6 and 7 except tech tree KGV and Nelson are great with using mostly AP shells unless you need a DD sunk. Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Duke of York, and HMS Hood stick with the AP shells 99% of the time.

And when using HMS Hood you need to stay within 16 to 11-10km range from targets to balance your shell pen and your armor layout strength. Not to mention your a Battlecruiser which means you must remember you have the speed to decide to chase down or flee enemy ships depending if the situation is favorable for you or not. And you must decide this as well since a BCs while rather strong are not strong enough to full out engage some heavy BBs or multiple ships depending on how things are.

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Hood doesnt have any useful consumables with a lengthy reload, so I would drop JoAT. It used to be really nice on the Conqueror's super heal, but that got buffed. I only would take JoAT for wierd custom builds (like my ranked Bourgogne) or if you have a captain with the skill boosted so its +10% instead of 5. I think any special British captain has boosted JoAT.


For your next points (in order), I would go FP, CE, EM, BoS. FP is so crucial because it limits superstructure fires to 1. Since people spam the center of your ship, it is the difference between 2 fires and 1 fire EXTREMELY often. The rest is pretty self explanatory (concealment, less fire time, quicker traverse)


Upgrades look fine, but without BoS I strongly recrommend the DCP mod for slot 4. Once you get BoS it's more a personal call, but I find it hard to get by with just 1 item to decrease fire time (in your case the signal)

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For a BB without any special features, I suggest the following.

Preventive Maintenance
Last Stand or Adrenalin Rush (your choice)
Superintendent to have more Repair Party heals available
Fire Prevention to reduce HE-spam damage, or, Advanced Firing Training to increase the range of main battery and secondary battery guns (your choice)

If you have sufficient number of secondary guns, and they shoot far enough, it may be worth considering Manual Fire Control for Secondary Batteries. 
This comes in handy if you plan to wade in among torpedo spamming DD's and Cruisers, but it is not necessary and is a play-style specific choice.

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I use standard tank build on RN bbs, works well with your heals. Other BB's I'd go BoS, instead of EL and JoAT, as you're not going between HE and AP as much.

Don't waste your time investing into secondaries or AA.



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