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April Fools Event.

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I will certainly be logging on, short of my own demise, on April 1st. After seeing the VoD about the previous event. Just in case.

If we are graced with the Toy Boats, I know where I will be until they take them screaming from my cold dead, sunken hands.

On that note, I do hope that we will be able to add, either, a giant duck to our various Dock enviroments. Or have the Tub available as a Dock environ.

Secondly, how on earth did this not happen the 1st time-around?!? :)

Lastly, if it does become available, will it be possible to add a Mission Reward of having the toy boats available to us in the Training Room?

And granted, it happens to coincide with a horrible tragedy, losing a dear friend, it would be great to enjoy the day doing something distracting.

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They haven't brought back the Jacuzzi since the first year. Players could farm consumables just by ramming an opposing player and then just start a new battle with another ship. This would have been great except that some people wanted to battle and some just wanted to ram. The mode was fun as all get out and best for me was ruining it for the people that just wanted to ram. You just had to shoot the ship they were going to ram 2 or 3 times so that they wouldn't collect enough hit points to farm the consumables when they rammed.

That is probably why they haven't had that mode back for April 1. There was an exploit that I suppose no Dev was good enough to figure a proper counter for.

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