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Serious question for the experts OPS

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DISCLAIMER This is my last post about it before I go do it myself to prove that it works.  I KNOW it works but we have so many deniers here they won't accept anything.

This question is for the technical players that understand the way games pay etc. Not a place to just call names.

I asked this before and it became what most things do here.  Devolve into a whine fest and name calling.

What I see in ops now HAS to be a well known exploit but no one talks about it.  It's not the normal stuff we all see and it's definitely NOT being done by newbs ( I go look up their profiles most have 1000's of games ) .  I have been watching very carefully since I first noticed it a couple of weeks ago. Iv'e seen it 4 times today alone.

Strange enough 3 of the 4 times it was a Pepsi driver ( makes it worse to me because you can REALLY do well in the Pepsi in ops ) 

These players are different than the players that yolo, rush in Ram/die for the kill then leave the rest of the team to earn the stars for them as they start another round with another ship.   You could have 15 rounds 20 rounds going on at the same time if you have enough ships.

This one is that brave player that shoots all of the forts and factories ignoring the ships that actually shoot back.  Get killed  OR go hide practically off the map for the rest of the round as the team fights for stars.

Again , these are NOT newbs so there HAS to be a major benefit for them .  

How does it help beyond allowing them to be in 5 or more places at the same time?

Every game has exploits. This seems to be a major one.  

 I look forward to the actual input from those who know.




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