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Freeman Dyson - 1923 - 2020

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This guy.... this guy really did it all...  if you're unfamiliar with the works of Dyson, you need only look at some of the crazier theories of space travel and what humanity could achieve, such as spacecraft that ride on the shockwaves of nuclear explosions, or that time he was like "Hey, we need energy, right? How bout we just build a shell around the sun and soak up everything it's outputting?"



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interesting chap. A free radical with a great imagination, "Global warming is fine, better than freezing to death!" I paraphrase from vague recollection of one of his arguments. Actually not a bad question, would you prefer baking to death or freezing to death? Glass half full kind of scientist.

not to be confused with hoovers or hair dryers.

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Freeman Dyson, Richard Feynman and Carl Sagan. Three of my favorite scientists and now they are all gone. :Smile_sad:

I find that Dyson is not well thought of after I posted this video on forums.


One of my favorite moments from Sagan's Cosmos series.


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