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Torp Damage Mechanics

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I’ve come across some really strange torp damage values recently. Today I torped both a Groz and a Hindenburg. No flooding on either so guess what had the most damage? Answer: the Hindy at 17k and the Groz at 12k. I’m running 20k damage torps. How in the world can I only get 12k on a Groz? It’s a DD for Pete’s sake! I get less damage on a DD than a cruiser? 

It’s not like it has a torpedo bulge. What am I missing?

Side note: it’s been really tough playing the shimmy lately. With CVs in the game and radar ships, especially those long range and duration RU cruisers, it’s making DDs (correction: stealthy torp boats not the 50knot hydrofoil DDs) to be a dying breed at high tiers. I’m almost ready to give up on the game play after heavy losses and finishing bottom of the score board. I consider myself a decent torp boat man but jeez lately it’s been brutal. PLUS now it feels like the damage from my torps is reduced.

what am I not seeing?

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Every torpedo has 2 types of damage, splash and alpha. The listed damage in the port is calculated with "alpha / 3 + splash". Splash can also hurt the neighboring sector such as superstructure, casemate and so on.

  1. Torpedo hits into bow/stern -- deals 16.5% of alpha and splash damage to "entire hull" and "bow/stern" respectively.
  2. Torpedo hits into citadel -- reduced damage. Coefficient can be found here. Alpha damage of torpedo is multiplied by a value on the table. Torpedo Protection also decreases the chance of flooding.
  3. Torpedo hits the mid-section of a destroyer -- reduced damage. 33% of alpha damage.



You must have hit the groz in the midsection of his ship. 

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