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high tier ranked and randoms meta is laughably simple and cancerous

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the team that pushes loses


its literally that simple


if you push, you lose. if you run away and kite, you win. the entire game is essentially spent cat and mousing from 20km seeing who is going to make the first push, and then focusing that player


there is no other strategy or tactics involved just reverse or kite away and you win if they push

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This is sort of true. I would say it is true SO LONG AS the sniping team know what they are doing.

For sure, pushing into a flank against a Thunderer, a Conqueror, a Smol and  a few other fire spammers, is a certain death sentence for the team that pushes.

The long range HE meta scales in a way citadel mechanics do not. That is to say, if you get hit by a citadel from one ship, this does not make it easier for other ships to citadel you.

With fires, as soon as one ship starts a fire, you are vulnerable to everyone who is spamming HE. So, you can't "angle" against it. This means that when 3 or 4 ships with high rates of HE target you, you are done for. 

It is interesting that the RN BBs, Thunderer and Conqueror, have 15% more average match damage than the Krem and Yamato, and around 25% more than the AP sniping Monty.

That is a lot, and they are easily the most "OP" BBs in the game, relative to others of their tier.

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So basically Ranked is even more pointless and dull than it’s ever been in the past.

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