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It never fails.....

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....that when I set a new personal damage record with one of my ships, my team loses.  I'm pretty sure I also set a personal record, or close to it, for base xp in a loss.  Try-hard carry that I just couldn't pull out. Oh well, got 40 flags out of it........




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Well that makes sense. When you’re on the losing team, you’re in a target rich environment. More targets to damage and kill. When your team is winning, then there are usually fewer targets as your team kills them before you, do lower damage (even if high). 

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Most of my record level damage games have been losses because there are more things to shoot at and less competition from your team. The few times I won in a record setting match were times when I was mostly isolated or had a flanking position on the enemy lemming train. My current record was a few months back in Montana, and that 206k was a full health GK that tried unsuccessfully to brawl, a full health Bismarck that tried the same thing, and a near dev strike from full health on a Conq when the only other green ships on that side of the map were my two div mates. 

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Dang son you really worked out in that match.

Not easy considering the ship you were in.



Set my highest damage, at the time, in my Gearing's maiden voyage. 

Almost 209k, 4 kills and missed solo warrior by 45 sec....

Dam Henri chased me down.

So I do know the thrill, nerves and wind being knocked out of your sail feeling.


Anyhow,  dang nice game....

Be nice to see it on Jingles channel.

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