I just recently purchase a new headset Corsair HS60 USB model. I am using AMD Relive in capturing live gaming sessions. This headset works great on Discord, on Steam Games, Microsoft voice recorder, etc. I can get my clan mates in the recordings from Discord, however my microphone volume is almost muted in the match. You can barely hear me.  I have tried killing all apps and still have the problem. When I record from the Desktop into WoWS you can hear the volume diminish as soon a WoWS is connected. Now if I use the direct connect headset using a microphone input with a different headset, the Microphone works with no problem. Have any of you encounter this problem? Any suggestions?   Update: here is the Corsair file example https://www.mediafire.com/file/xbxtnf27i1nuqyd/Corsair_HS60_2020.02.18-22.17.rar/file