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The Story of Andrew Cunningham

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A biography of the new unique British Commander.

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A shame they left out one of the best parts of his bio.

During the Battle of Crete, he oversaw the evacuation of Allied Forces from Crete to Egypt over 4 nights, managing overall to rescue about 3 quarters the about 22,000 Commonwealth Troops (British, Australian and , New Zealand) from that Greek Island. During the whole episode of the Crete Evacuation, Cunningham was determined that the "navy not let the army down".

As his fleet began to take heavy losses from heavy Luftwaffe attacks, he wad told by the army generals though that he should save his fleet and leave them behind. He then famously responded "It takes the Navy three years to build a ship. It will take three hundred years to build a new tradition. The evacuation will continue." Over the years, this quote has often been shortened to "It takes three years to build a ship. Three centuries to build a tradition."

The "never say die" attitude of Cunningham and the men under his command meant that of 22,000 men on Crete, 16,500 were rescued but at the loss of three cruisers and six destroyers. Fifteen other major warships were damaged.



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I have a question, 


When the Consumables Expert skill is activated, does that mean the consumables in the aircraft squadrons get an extra charge or just the fighter consumable on the ship?

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