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What's the best unique/legendary commander

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  • Auboyneau and the two Rong's are the best DD captains.
  • The best Cruiser specific captain is Honore because he has improved Adrenaline Rush and Expert Marksman.
  • Ovechkin's and Lutjens are equally good BB captains assuming you're going to build for their skills. After that, pretty much any captain with improved Expert Marksman is a good choice for a Battleship captain because it's basically mandatory in a BB.
  • CV's I don't have much experience in but I'm pretty sure that Cunningham and Lutjens are the only useful captains in them?

In Long:

French Auboyneau is a brilliant destroyer captain with his enhanced suitability expert skill, the +1% fire chance simply for a cap or assist cap ribbon, a 5% torpedo reload boost if you can dev strike something and lastly a harder to proc 2 mil potential damage giving you an 8% speed boost. The problem is he costs 175k coal, which is a huge amount, but I'd say he's by far the best captain in the game in terms of his skills meshing well with a specific class and gameplay style.

Honore is good in a BB or Cruiser having Improved Expert Marksman and improved Adrenaline Rush which can work well in a DD.

German Lutjens is a very well rounded captain that is equally good in a cruiser or brawler battleship while still being good in a destroyer.

Soviet Kuznetsov doesn't have the expert marksman upgrade like most other captains do, but he has a good skill that you can get with a first blood achievement, a -10% reload on consumables as a default, and recovers 7.5% of his ships health once it goes below 10% (assuming he doesn't get sunk before it finishes). That is a good skill.

George & John Doe are good, cheap, captain for a US Cruiser or Battleship. Expert Loader, some people love that skill (I don't) and a -75% reduction is incredibly quick and he has a good Expert Marksman skill.

Viktor & Vasiliy Znamesnsky are that but for the Soviets Cruisers & Battleships arguably with better skills (EM, High Alert and PM are more likely to be useful than Expert Loader for many builds).

The two Jutlands doesn't have the improved Expert Marksman, and his skills aren't exactly common in anything but Battleships.

Dunkirk is another good all rounder captain for the UK, he can help all three warship classes with his JOAT, EM and Smoke Screen expert skills.

Quan & Da Rong are unsurprisingly, meant exclusively for Pan- Asian DD's. Much improved suitability and HE spam.

Halsey has the expert marksman skill and enhanced expert loader, a skill you get -10% concealment if you hit a double strike (questionable use), and one if you get confederate you get -20% Main battery and -10% torp reload. That one is usually only coming at the end of a game, but if you do get it and the game is still in the balance it is a phenomenal skill. Having the improved Expert Marksman makes him a really good Battleship captain while still being useful in a Cruiser. DD's, less useful.

Yamamoto is best in a Battleship because he has Expert Marksman. But still useful in a cruiser. Less so in a DD. If you can get First Blood you get an extra consumable charge which is a really good skill for any type of ship. His 2nd skill is similar to Halsey in that you would only get it when a game is nearly over, but if you do manage a Kraken while the game is still going, you can get up to 48% of your hitpoints back from Healable damage and you also get an insane 34% main battery reload and 16% torp reload boost. Having an improved PM is good if you've got a single point left to use at 19 points.

Andrew Cunningham looks like he's best on Cruisers or Carriers. His improved JOAT looks mildly useful for a Battleship. He doesn't have Expert Marksman though.

The Ovechkins are best on Battleship or Cruisers because he has Improved Marksman. His improved Survivability Expert will work on any class you want to take that skill on though, so he's a bit of an all rounder, albeit one that doesn't have any spectacular skills. Adding 4k health to a TX Ship is nothing to sneeze at, it can get a Kremlin up to 112,300 HP. 

Sansonetti has a decent skill on a ship sinking (8% range buff) and a 15% reload boost if you get confederate. He has Rapid Loader and a 7 knot torpedo acceleration boost. Obviously designed for Italian cruisers since that's the only line they have. No Expert Marksman so not as useful on the Roma BB.

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