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Mogami 6 inch guns

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Mogami has had pretty crap turret traverse on her six inch guns aver since they got nerfed, which made me sad because she's honestly one of my favourite ships in the game but since they removed the penalty from the turret traverse mod this patch you can actually get them down to sub 30 second levels.

Only had one match in her so far, was with a buddy and we were bouncing between tiers, but damn does it feel good to have her guns at least comfortably manageable levels. 

I mean it still kinda sucks that she has worse turn rates on her six inch guns than some battleships but it's the little things you know? :fish_cute_2:


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Yes I liked that quite a bit, it doesn't matter if your guns are loaded on any ship, if they can't turn fast enough to aim at it. This will help my BB play immensely.

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