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Refund for Target Acquisition Upgrades

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Since the Target Acquisition upgrade has bee nerfed  and no longer increases spotted time and view distance I would rather have just gotten a refund for it vice replacement for the Torpedo Lookout System which is very situational and only useful for certain ships. Some ships were borderline concealment upgrade candidates and loss of spotting time is signifigant enough for the NEW upgrade to be of less use than the concealment mod.  WG should just refund all the credits for the Targeting upgrade and allow players to decide if they want a very situational torpedo lookout mod. 


Actually all the changed mods should have been refunded as some folks mounted the accuracy upgrades on their DDs but the new torpedo mod looks a lot more useful.  Who wants an inventory full of accuracy mods?

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I agree. Different modules, different decisions. I'd prefer to just have the module removed completely and refunded the full price with no replacement added. That way I can choose what I want to mount now.



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I made out like a bandit with all the removed modules in my inventory. Netted around 70 million credits.

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