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WG Create A low Tier Bridge Building Event

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Well its know secret last years Christmas event turned out to be not what everyone hoped for including WG.

So far 2020 has not kicked off well either and looks like it wont get any better with certain new Cruiser split line.

This idea is not a new one but it might help mend some bridges as well as give the players some fun from the hard grinds.

WG should create a low tier two part event which hopefully benefits all.

1. low tier players get event to participate in without being seal clubbed as its Coop only.

2. High tier players can have a bit of fun if they choose to participate.

3. Easy tasks  that don't make players stress

4 . Two low tier Prizes for completion  

How would work 

Missions for tiers 1 to 4

WG designs a series of missions for both events and at the completion of each event the player wins a low tier ship to have fun with.

Missions could work something like this;

Players needs to sink 10 German ships with  British ships only

Players need cause 10 fires on Japanese ships with American ships only

Back in the day this how WG did there missions, this way all nations would be used for various missions.


Well for the first event WG could give away there first ever Tier 1 premium Ship.

Surely they ( WG ) would have some sought Tier 1 ship on the books they could turn into a Premium. 

Part 2 of the event the prize could either be a Tier 3 or 4, again they should just sitting around doing nothing.

With a event like this it will help up and coming new players feel welcome,  for all the community it can be a bit of mucking around and for WG they get some much needed praise for doing a good deed for the community.

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I like the idea.  Tier 1 premium ship?  I mean maybe a tier 3 or 4?  I'm not sure if you have played tier 1 in a while, but it's usually you, maybe one other guy, and the rest of everything is made up of bots.....

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I don't know about the Tier 1 premium, but this certainly will help them prepare for future directives that require certain nations. Back in the day, when people started out, they would grind one line only, typically a BB line, but missions like these require flexibility.

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5 hours ago, RedZoneCMDR said:

Tier 1 premium ship?

Yep.  And the T1 Premium gets all of the old T1 capabilities before they neutered them into the ground.... :Smile_teethhappy:

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Tier 1 did have a premium ship. It was disguised, and most had no idea they were in a premium. Something like the special commanders, its 'premium-ness' had to be activated by a certain playstyle, else it was just another boat. It's gone now, removed by WG over a year ago.... but for a while, and in the right hands, tier 1 did, in fact and indeed, have a premium boat...


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It's an interesting idea, but since we have the Science of Victory campaign that's always there for new players who get their first Tier 3 ship, I'm not sure WG would put the effort into a one-off.

Now making Dailies accessible to Tiers 1-4 in co-op, that I could get behind. The lower XP earnings at these tiers in co-op would counterbalance the relative ease.

20 minutes ago, theLaalaa said:

Tier 1 did have a premium ship.

It wasn't really a premium because you couldn't cross-post captains to it freely. What it was, for anyone who knew how to unlock its secrets, was an OP monster - a Mini-Minotaur. 

I got my first Kraken in OP AP Black Swan three days into playing the game, when I had unlocked Randoms but was still in protected MM with bots on both sides... but only later did I realise that all 23 other ships on both sides had been bots! :Smile_veryhappy:

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