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Just read that SUBS are coming into the game

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Except The Mouse is more like a rabid Tasmanian Devil than a mouse concerning any of its intellectual properties, than the ARP, HSF, or AL folks would dream of being.

WG would probably have to get purchased by The Mouse before they would ever permit a collab.

Of course; if someone wanted a Kingdom Hearts/World of Warships collab, then perhaps that would be a good thing to them.


(To whomever reacted with the ‘confused’ emoji; the sub in the OP’s post in the Nautilus from the 1954 Disney produced film, ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.’ It was also used at for a while in a ride at Disneyland in Anaheim CA. The Mouse is notorious for vehemently protecting its intellectual property. You don’t make a deal with The Mouse, The Mouse tells you what to do if you want to use said property.)

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