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What is Poltava?

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Whilst Poltava is, in fact, the Type "B" light battleship project in design, Poltava is actually based on one of a few designs representing the Type "B" project. More specifically, Poltava is, in actuality, the Project 64 light battleship.

Before Pr. 64, there was the Pr. 25 - predecessor of Pr. 64. For the light battleship project itself, Type “B” was meant to be a support for the heavier Type “A” battleship, sometimes it was considered in the same league as the battlecruiser concept – their “heavy cruiser”, for the lack of better term.

From my Soviet Premium Ships wish-list thread: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/108636-soviet-vmf-premium-collection-precolle-part-2/

Draft technical data specs & parameters (TTZ) of Project Type "B":


Original TTZ of Pr. 64:



Displacement: -
48,000 tons – standard
53,000 tons – full load

Dimensions: -
Length – 252.0 m
Beam – 31.5 m
Draft – 8.5 m

Armor: -
Deck – 40 + 25 + 150mm
Belt – 385mm
Turrets – 150 – 400mm
Barbettes – 350mm
Conning tower – 200 – 370mm

Propulsion system: -
3 geared steam turbines,
3 propeller shafts powered by a total 201,000 shp

Top speed: 29.0 knots

Armaments: -
3 x 3 – 356mm/52 (12”/52) triple Pattern 1913 main guns
6 x 2 – 152mm/57 MK-4 twin gun turrets
4 x 2 – 100mm/56 M3-14 twin DP gun mounts
8 x 4 – 37mm/67 46-K quad AA gun mounts



The first official design draft of Type “B” light battleship was Project 25, which was designed to rival the German’s Scharnhorst and outmatch the Deutschland-class heavy cruiser. Pr. 25 able to defeat the Deutschland-class, but not Scharnhorst. The second Type “B” design concept was Pr. 64, which was proven to be overall superior to Pr. 25 in every parameter to the point of able to effectively rival Scharnhorst. The design was implied to be based on the Project UP. 41 design, which they received from the Italian shipbuilding firm for their modern battleship project on behalf of the “Big Fleet” program. And so, one could think that it is technically a scaled-down version of the Italian Littorio-class.

From my perspective, Pr. 64 - Poltava is supposed to play like a "cruiser killer"-type battlecruiser like the French Dunkerque & the German Scharnhorst. Overall performances should be, more or less, comparable to those two aforementioned "oddball" BBs. Otherwise, play like how you played battecruiser Izmail, as your closest comparison you can come across with. Don't expect Poltava to be like of Sinop on the same tier, but at least she represents a more modern & improved version of Izmail on contemporary superfiring A-B-X BB design, while being on the same league as Scharnhorst.

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"3 x 3 – 356mm/52 (12”/52) triple Pattern 1913 main guns"

I think 356mm is about 14", not 12".  And if they are 52 caliber guns, that's some serious projectile velocity.

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