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Best IJN CV How-To Videos?

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I am learning IJN CV (slowly...). Have watched @Eurobeat (Yuro) videos on Yotube about slingshot and Ryujo. Very entertaining but I need more serious information and examples.

Are there some other good channel for learning Japan CV?

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On 2/5/2020 at 10:01 AM, RyuuohD_NA said:

Look for Toptier in youtube. He makes a lot of good CV videos


He's good. 


Only other advice is..


1. Sometimes stock planes are more accurate than upgraded counter parts. I.e. more accurate bombs/torps or more speed + hp. I.e. RN Furious's dive bombers, Midway's torpedo bombers. 

2. IJN is very much about throwing as many planes at the ship till it sinks. I go fast restore build. So restore capt skill, restore upgrade, and then choose a mix of stock/upgrade planes that have the fastest restore time. You'll lose more planes with this method, but if played skillfully, you can be full plane waves till late game. But this isnt a build id recommend for new folks. 

3. Some upgraded planes add either a new bomb/torpedo type, add to their attack wave size, and even add more planes to the deck. When new, always try to get these, but don't sell your stock planes. You may end up liking a stock version more for various reasons. 

4. T6 is the best tier to really practice as IJN. The Ryujo is the most balanced cv in game. Its good to use to hone your skills. 

5. Shokaku is considered the worst T8 cv. So don't lose faith. If you can learn to be great in shokaku, you'll be great in any cv. 

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