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whats each nations advantages and disadvantages

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hello , im trying to decide on which line I wanna start next after completing the us cruiser lines and was curious . What is each nations advantages and disadvantages, such as what nations got good armour,gun range,gun damage,maneuverability,concealment etc and same for there disadvantages. Im mainly a cruiser player but thinking about starting either a BB or CV line at some point as well. Anyways if anyone can post a little guide to what each nation is good at for BB's,CV's and cruisers and there weaknesses id appreciate it . 

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The WoWS wiki gives a little overview of each nations classes. Of course there is always standouts and oddities, but I find them to be pretty good quick descriptions of a tech tree.

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the problem answering a question like this is that it's not universal, those strengths and weaknesses vary by tier as well, ex. Zao is a stealth firing beast, but the ships getting to it not so much. you've already seen it if you got your Wooster, your HE spam makes you a little murderbot but you certainly weren't describing your Dallas that way. then there is matchmaking. I think my Shokaku is a fine ship, but only if it's top tier. then there are WG adjustments, like WG is about to change the torpedo acquisition upgrade, completely removing the only strength the entire PanAsian line had. or power creep, ex. Russian DDs used to hold the strength of being the fastest in the game, enter the French speedboats. etc.

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