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Old Dog Learning new tricks!

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I have played Rebublique over a year now and have had some great games in her but nothing outstanding. I have seen other players play her and just wipe out the other team. I am an overly aggressive player a lot of times and it shows.

Curiosity finally got to me, well,,let me tell the truth, Jealousy got to me as to why I could not have that kind of game in her so to YouTube I went. Low and behold I found what I was looking for. I have been playing her wrong! Me! Lol.

I was using her as a mid range brawler resulting in some good games with 3 or 4 kills but not impacting the game as much as I could. I learned she is better used as a flanking ship at long range. So I took her out and tried it. I got one kill

only but I flanked enemy team and they pulled back on their right side because of it. Must say a very good Tier 9 Italian cruiser player was with me. I pushed a Yamato and a Salam to the edge so they wouldn't have the broadside of the ships exposed.

The Salem player was very good and gave me fits but my flanking move allowed our team to move up and cap. I got a great Cit on a Puerto Rico at 22k. Yamato ran behind a rock and a GK and I bow tanked each other. Venezia kept pouring in SAP

on the Salem and kept him off me. The enemy GK chose to ram and That was the game for me. Yamato was sunk by Venezia after I dished out a lot of damage to him. Salem stayed on the edge of the map and our DD Daring capped 2 caps.

Was really fun to learn even after all this time that a ship you think your used to can be used better. I feel I contributed more to the team by forcing them back to cover the flank and allowing our team to move up and cap. I don't have to get a Kraken to

have a positive impact for our team and the game.

BTW I score 199,242 HP. I think that's the Highest I"ve done so far in her...….So far! lol. Good Luck, and Good Shooting!

Help with a team win. That was fun.1122757671_Screenshot(65).thumb.png.57ecff0047cddcce623675e728dd76ce.png  

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Congrats on the self improved game.  Not that I'm of any calibre to pass on expert advice.

When I got the Republique, I too had similar experiences.  Being an aggressive player by nature, I had a tendency to be the focused target (due to my proximity to the enemy ships, versus my friendly ships behind me) and being melted down in short space of time.  

I now have adopted a different method, like you.  Provisionally thinking in my mind that it's a "Cruiser", not a battleship.  Using her long range rifles to harass the distant targets, and only closing the distance when it was optimal. Also, by having her speed as one of her arsenal.  I used her 'faster' straight on speed to displace my location from one side to another. 

If Republique had two quantuple turret set up on her bow and one to the rear (much like the version below of one tier - Alsace), I would have loved her more.


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GG, have you by chance looked at the UU for her? I have it on my Republique, it reduces your main battery to about 19km's but your reload is also 19 sec's!  I play my Rep the same way, assuming you have support that main battery reloading at 19sec is insane!



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