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what's the difference between the IJN DD lines

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I did not play IJN DD's until I was awarded the Hatrsuru. I now have the Shiratsuyu. I'm wondering about their T6 & T7 IJN sisters, the Fubuki & the Akatsuki. I play DD's in coops & some operations.

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The difference is one line is heavily favored by guns. Gun boats.

The other line is mainly torpedoes.

Both lines have solid concealment and IFHE on any of them helps in a DD gun fight.

You mainly focus skills on concealment and maximizing your main weapons.

There are some DDs with trade-offs in consumables.

But with practice, you can do quite well in any game mode.

If you watch Twitch, there are several streamers that play the ship type.

And all of them will post suggestions and tips upon reasonable request.

I know a few DD experts. There are many, but if you want technical, loadouts, tactics, and methodical game play, well, there be only one.

You might say every stream I ever saw him play, he gets it done even if his team doesn't.

Given the meta, if you want successfully efficient game play and assured skills learned, then this one player will show you easily.

TMGrunty is his Twitch handle. Look him up. You won't regret it. He knows his stuff. He even dodges CV attacks.

I should know, I tried to sink him repeatedly in one match and he still capped B.

Good luck with the IJN line.




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43 minutes ago, kgh52 said:

I'm wondering about their T6 & T7 IJN sisters

See below .....

2 minutes ago, Kapitan_Wuff said:

They are all torp boats expect for Akizuki, Kitikaze, and Haragumo are high rate of fire gunboats. 

@Kapitan_Wuff is right, and there is really NO difference until tier 8, when the Akizuki line goes gun crazy. 

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Fubuki and Akatsuki have more torpedoes - nine in three launchers versus six or eight in two launchers for their sister ships - and less concealment.

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