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What do the Clan Battle logos/emblems/symbols for each season mean?

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In anticipation of the Eighth Season of Clan Battles, I would like to share what these symbols mean. They range from the more obvious (Seasons 1-3) to the less obvious (Seasons 4-7). As we all know, each Clan Battle season is named after a map.

The information here is as official as I could get. There are clearly patches in the information here, so please comment and share your own thoughts!

CS has repeatedly told me that each symbol is the creative rethinking of a graphic designer on the name of each clan battles season. As such, they are reluctant to share any specific meanings with me. Sometimes, they share things that don't make sense, and when I ask for further clarification, they repeat themselves or the "creative take" explanation.

Season 1: Hotspot


The symbol for Clan Battle Season Hotspot is a volcano.

On the RU server, the map we know as Hotspot is known as "Край Вулканов." The literal translation of this is "Land of Volcanoes." Hence, volcano! (I don't know Russian, but the CS people do.)

Source: https://wiki.wargaming.net/ru/Ship:Край_вулканов_(карта)

Season 2: Islands of Ice


The symbol for Clan Battle Season Islands of Ice is an iceberg.

No explanations needed, right?

Season 3: Sleeping Giant


The symbol for Clan Battle Season Sleeping Giant is a ..... Sleeping Giant!

Also pretty obvious.

Season 4: North


The symbol for Clan Battle Season North is an arrow.

CS told me the arrow is "pointing [to the] north pole (or close to it if we take into account the fact that the earth is a sphere)." This doesn't make sense to me, and unfortunately they wouldn't further clarify.

Season 5: Land of Fire


The symbol for Clan Battle Season Land of Fire is a smaller arrow pointing to a bigger one.

This is a reference to cross-server matchmaking, which premiered in this season. The small arrow (local server battles) becomes bigger (spreads worldwide.)

Season 6: Neighbors


The symbol for Clan Battle Season Neighbors is a border post between two neighboring countries.

This was not obvious to me (in fact, I made a forum post asking about this). I am not familiar with border posts in general and CS would not comment on the stripes. Please comment and share your thoughts!

Season 7: Crash Zone Alpha


The symbol for Clan Battle Season Crash Zone Alpha is a sinking ship, split in half.

i am unsure what the two triangles are there for. CS wouldn't comment either.

I hope you all have at least learned something from this post. I can't wait for the symbol for Season 8!

Special thanks to CS for their patience and help. I do appreciate it.



Edit: Why is anyone confused?

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