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How about a simulation mode for Warships and Helicopters for some select Cruisers

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I saw this video yesterday and it inspired me to think about a simulation mode for warships , i think [edited] has a sim mode so maybe warships could use it too.


And i noticed a big H on a new tier 10 heavy brit cruiser the Goliath and thought to myself maybe helicopters could be ai controlled and handle asw tasks to help the dd's with the burden of hunting subs. The helicopter would use a pinging torpedo with a wire to help search for the sub.

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Yes, the helicopter was used in WW2 but its use was diminished by the fact that the technology was still in development.

There simply was not enough you could do with a helicopter or helicopter-like constructions.

The first helicopters appeared in the 1930s with things like this:


The Focke-Wulff 61. Not really a helicopter from today's standards and the tiny load you could put in it simply did not make it viable.

Later iterations on the German side were a bit more promising. There were two companies trying their luck on the new technologies, Flettner and Focke-Achgelis:


Take this for instance. The Focke-Achgelis 223 “Dragon”. This was one of the first useful helicopters. Although a bit large, it could fly at a steady 180 km/h and could carry just about 1.2 tonnes of equipment. The Fa223 was also the vehicle of choice for the first ever helicopter rescue under combat condition, having successfully recovered a crashed BF109 pilot.

The other great German helicopter of WW2 was the Flettner 282 “Hummingbird”:


This is a rare example with a fully glazed cockpit. Most variants did not have the glass cover. Having done the first test flights in 1941, the Hummingbird could fly at 150 km/h and was supposed to be a reconnaissance vehicle, being able to hover and therefore do spotting tasks better than a recon plane. There were also plans to arm the Fl282 with unguided rockets and machine guns, but these were just blueprints.

However, in total there were under 100 German helicopters being built in the war since their use was simply not what it is today

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I'm fully on board if this is the gameplay style:


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