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Hi All,

I've put this up in planes, ships and now tanks.   Just wanted to let everyone know that a few guys have been looking for Tim the last year.  The last we heard he sold his house in Indiana and was on the move to his home in NC.

When Megabee did not hear back from him it was found that all of his accounts were deleted and he was not answering his phone.  Finally this year Pannier and Bee found the missing commander.   Tim Price passed away on 

February 10, 2019.  His obit was found and Cool Runnins (John) emailed him and his wife answered confirming his demise.  Tim was young 53 and he was a special guy, he had great empathy and valued his friendships but in the end it was his blood pressure

that got him.

Tim had crazy skill in planes, no one was safe but if your name was Bears, Ender or Jet he had special interest in killing you.  You knew he got them when he let out a little snicker.  Many nights our Whawk clan would be up to all hours of the morning 

drinking laughing and telling stories while hunting Dracs.   I can't wait to see him again and tell those stories have a few beers and laugh.  

RIP My Captain

Whawk Clan

Megabee, Cool Runnins, Rb, Pannier, Ace Botlistic, Airpierat, Flattrak, Fierce Sparrow, EspressoforHammy, Madvortexan, Cdn Avro.

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Any time you saw him on the other team you knew that you had to bring your A game or go home. I did manage to shoot him down a few times but those were few and far between.

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