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CV general capabilities

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This will be a short-ish post, but I’ve really thought about it for quite a while. Surface ships have HE/AP differences in damage, controllable by captains.


Subs will be having their torps do different damage based on if they’re homing vs dumbfire, as of current time of posting of course, and again controllable by captains. 

Aircraft carriers have nothing. So to the devs, and my fellow captains, I offer this idea: implementation of random wind.

In World War II, it’s common knowledge that to properly and most efficiently launch your aircraft, you had to be steaming into the wind. So my idea would be to make it so the game assigns a random wind direction, then checks the heading and power setting in comparison to said relative wind, and if it’s say 10-15+\- the proper heading, and a higher power setting (3/4 to full) a proper damage boost is given to the aircraft launching. Further, if it’s the entire wrong direction, the squadron actually gets a slight debuff. I say slight because they’re already damage deficient as it is. This would make it so there’s now a decision to be made in regards to how and when to launch your aircraft.

 I’d also suggest changing the winds every few minutes as well, as this would negate any major disadvantage that one side would face vs. the other. By adhering to launches into the wind, the carrier captain can finally have a way to modify his rather sad current base damage. So if you like this idea, upvote it so it has a chance to be seen by devs. Help make carrier play great again!

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When designing a game, you can come up with all sorts of cool and interesting things to add as rules... but you have to remember that just because you can add things into the mix doesn't necessarily make the cake any better.

Right now CVs are limited in time and resources.  They are not a damage class per se... they are a support/influence class.  You wield your resources and utilize your speed and freedom to affect the areas of the map that need help. 

Another way of saying it is that you try to put out fires by peeing planes all over something.

Adding extra layers of complexity and modifiers doesn't do much more than add layers of complexity and modifiers.  The base experience is already hard enough for the average person to excel at (map reading, positioning, planning, and timing), and doesn't need more.

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You would have to make the ships compensate for wind or sea currents as well when they fired their guns or torps.  That would only be fair and then starts to make wows more of a simulation and not the arcade game it is.

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45 minutes ago, Wynner said:

Aircraft carriers have nothing.

Well this is a huge crock of crap. CVs have torps, bombs, and rockets. That's 3 things to surface ships two. Deal with it.

47 minutes ago, Wynner said:

Help make carrier play great again!

This is the most hilariously stupid thing I've heard all week.

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