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Lower level ships in armory

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I Got 3 T10 ships, enough free XP (2mil+) to get another 7, 1 mil+ coal.  I really don't see what the deal is about T10 ships. They are expensive to run, to me no fun. Why cant the put MORE lower tier ships in the armory,  they seem to focus on upper tier ships, which is not as much fun as t5-T8 even T8 is bad if lowered tiered in a battle. Point is I would like to see more lower tiered ships for resources

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Low tier ships don't make nearly as much money as high tier ones. That's the only reason WG is on the high tier premium kick, money. Forget being terrible for the game, powercreeping, wrecking relative tier populations, and ignoring regular premiums. The T9 and T10 premiums are probably insanely profitable (same work as a T8 or lower, almost double the price in some cases), so unfortunately the effort follows the money.

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I wouldn’t say no to more coal ships at lower and mid tiers, but unless you’re running t9 and 10 premiums/special ships in co-op with premium consumables they’re not really expensive to run. Tech tree t10s without premium and permacamo definitely, but not the premiums. 

That being said, low tier ships make less money for WG than higher tiers so for the same amount of development time they’d get more out of their investment. For the t10s it takes a fair amount of time to build up the resources for one ship so they’re kind of getting their money out of our playtime, but for t5 or 6 especially and below the coal/free xp prices would be so low they’d get more from selling them outright for cash. 

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