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[ALL] Inazuma Kantai Collection Voiceover

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Inazuma Kantai Collection Voiceover 


" I'm Inazuma. Pleased to meet you."


  • Depicted as very timid, in contrast with Ikazuchi's outgoing personality.
  • Pacifistic, as a reference to her rescue of 527 American and British sailors following the Second Battle of the Java Sea.
  • Frequently ends her lines with "なのです (Nanodesu)", which is often used as a moe variation of "です (Desu)".
  • It should be noted that in many cases, moe characters (including Inazuma) use "なのです” in an ungrammatical way, which contributes to the intended cuteness.



  • Her name means "Lightning".
    • If you combine Inazuma and Ikazuchi's kanji characters, it forms the word Raiden, or electricity.
    • Kongou uses "Raiden" as her and Ikazuchi's collective nickname in the anime.
  • Sunk in action May 14, 1944 in the Celebes Sea near Tawi-Tawi, Philippines (05°08′N 119°38′E).
  • From the first Japanese Navy all the way to JMSDF, she is always seen accompanying Ikazuchi in one form or another.
    • The first Inazuma was the second ship of the 1899 Ikazuchi-class Torpedo Boat Destroyers. This Inazuma was the second destroyer Japan procured, the first being the 1899 Ikazuchi.
    • Their modern incarnations in the JMSDF include being Ikazuchi-class destroyer escorts and, more recently, Murasame-class destroyers.
  • Inazuma is known to be involved in several incidents of collisions with other ships, both during the Imperial Japanese Navy and the JMSDF eras. Only the current Murasame-class Inazuma has no records of collision so far.
    • Inazuma's collision with Miyuki caused the latter's sinking.
  • The Kancolle likeness of Inazuma, along with Kaga and Suzutsuki has been made into mascots of their JMSDF namesakes, seen in various visual guides inside the ships. This was seen in their Southeast Asian Deployment billboards where the trio visited Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines, among others.







Now let's go to the link for the mod
Inazuma Nanodesu~ (0.9.x) ✔️





How to Install:

Extract and put folder into










*Another mod that I've been create



*Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder



*please give me cool react if you like it*

Good luck and fair seas

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