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I found a song that describes WG Perfectly!

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Howdy sailors!


So with the recent...Purti Rico debacale and my anual "12 days of Eurobeat" starting soon (actually its 3 days late this year but don't tell anyone):Smile_hiding:


While getting the Eurobeats ready I found Eurobeat song that pretty much describes WG at this moment and time. and since I already have the 12 songs picked for this year. I figured I'd share it as a warm up!

and as a slap back for this bull-monkey event they did.:fish_haloween:



hope you enjoyed


I'll be posting "day 1 for 12 days of Eurobeat year 3" on Monday. got some good songs this year(as well as back ups in case youtube bans/removes the picks!) :cat_cool: came prepared this year!


so until next time,

I'll C'ya on the Seas!:cap_look:

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