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Thoughts Christmas Event & Directives

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This Event and Directive was designed for the wrong group.


WG assumes


  • The average age of players here is 12-14
  • The average age of World of War Craft is 21-28
  • The average age of WOWS is probably somewhere between 25-45


This Christmas Event assumes


  • Players can play all day
  • Players who have little hope of completing the Ship building will pay money for it
  • Parents will hand over money to the 12-14 year old players.


  • Unfortunately WG 12-14 year olds are the minority of your player base. The player base is younger in WOT because the game is faster paced versus WOWS which is slow to moderate paced.


  • If WG understood its player base it would know the outrage over the CV rework was not based on some 14 year olds opinion. That’s because the players here have a decent grasp of how things work, fair and unfair, history versus fantasy, good mechanics versus broken game mechanics.


  • WG designed the CV rework for the 12-14 year old crowd but WG..thats not the majority of your player base. Even your chat rules don’t reflect your player base. Has anyone on your team ever visited a Western Junior high school yard. They are very good at using profanity.


  • This directive and event was designed for a really young crowd and that’s not your player base WG. I suspect your going to get an earful about this.


  • Personally for me I don’t need a Puerto Rico and I don’t need to finish the directives and you certainly wont get money from me


  • Maybe try listening and getting to know your players WG. 90% are not 12-16 years old.


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