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What the hell, great attitude of support service

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My account is originally made in Asia server, I had my account residence as Japan in there, because I moved to Japan due to my school. 
And in this server transfer, I moved to NA server. Since I live here, every cards from Korea is currently locked, all pay methods that I can use is only Japanese currency service, such as Convenient cards, gift cards, Japanese Paypal, etc. 
So I asked them to change my account residence as Japan, but they said that they changed my residence as Korea since my account is made in Korea (they said that they considered my situation lol) 


Like I said, i can't buy anything, I can't use any services with Korean currency, so I gave them proofs, every proofs such as certificate of eligibility with my driver license, bill, pay charged texts with JPY (Japanese Yen). And I asked them really politely to get back my residence as Japan, or I can't use premium shop at all, since I can't pay. 
But they removed every my texts, and said that they will not answer again with this problem lol. What a great customer service? 

Because of transfer, my residence was gone, it can be considered as your fault since in Asia, my residence was Japan. But you guys erased everything what I wrote and answered there that you will not reply anymore? What a great attitude, Just delete everything and close the ticket? then why the ticket system needed? I can't understand about your fuckin kind help. Also, there is a description that if my place of residence is not currently accurate, follow the link and contact player support. 

Because of the technical problem, like what you said, you can't change my residence at all, even with my every proofs that I only can use Japanese currency, What is this description for? And Why it was available to change my residence to Korea from Russia? If that was only because of the technical problem? [edited]. 

Because my id is made in Korea, I don't have right to change my account residence, and don't have right to pay and purchase, use my coupon? 

Is that a service? Just delete everything what I wrote and close the ticket, and says that you will not answer anymore? [edited] you. 

Then how should I buy, how should I pay from now on, really, I don't even have right to pay lol . 

But in Asia server, they changed my residence as Japan, but here, just ignore with deleting my texts. SO KIND. SO HELPFUL




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