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Cannot Access Ticket System

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I have just transferred from the asia server.  I cannot start the NA game because it requires a login, it did not recognise the password I have used for the last 3 yrs on asia,  to attempt to deal with issue I have reset password and changed username from place holder supplied as part of transfer.  Still will not accept login credentials.

I attempted to raise a ticket but the ticket system requires that you supply two different emails, one for account and one for communication.  As it happens I only I have one email account, which may appear terribly old fashioned but I am retired and have no need of more, so the support system is essentially inaccessible to me.


Could a forum monitor please pass this through to the support system as I am unable to raise the ticket.



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Not being able to log into the game is due to issues WG ran into with the transfer process, so they locked all the accounts on both the origin and destination regions until the issue is resolved and the transfers are completed (which should be completed within a couple of days based on the most recent announcements).

The two emails required for the ticket system seems odd to me, since you should just need to log into your account on the WoWS website and contact player support directly, which would only require the email for your account. Unless this is something weird with the server transfers or a result of the issues, there should only need to be one email address on your account.

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