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Random Thoughts from Deep R'lyeh: The Permanent Campaigns. Yamamoto Isoroku, Mission 2.

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First thing to note in our game guide for Mission 2 of Yamamoto Isoroku is that there is an uncorrected error here. From the beginning of 2019 the Carrier tech trees were streamlined to even tiers only; thus the first three missions should read “Tier X Aircraft Carriers Only”, and in fact if you look at the mission interface in-game, that’s what it says.

If you are a relative beginner at high tiers you are unlikely to have an aircraft carrier, unless the Lexington, Shokaku or Implacable was your first T8, or you bought or won a T8 premium CV. If you DO have a T8 CV, you are in luck. Mission 5 is the go-to here, as it involves nothing more than simply flying your rocket fighters around the whole map at the start of the game and finding everything for everyone else on your team to shoot at. Of all the “you’re going to advance no matter what” tasks in this entire campaign, this is by far the easiest.

You should of course load up either the XP or the cash task for guaranteed advancement on at least one other front, and you should of course use the opportunity to improve your CV play.

If you have a Tier 10 carrier, you are probably a sufficiently-experienced player that you don’t need this guide in the first place. However, for the record, I would suggest that you load task 3 as the most easily achievable goal alongside task 5, and keep reloading both until you are done.


If you do not have a Tier 8 carrier, my advice to you is to load tasks 8 and 9 and proceed along the slow but sure path. The ten stars that you need can be earned in five completions of these tasks, which if you play to the third crate every night and can earn 2 million credits every night will take no more than three days. The fourth day of such play will finish the final task, and you can proceed to Mission 3.

If you also have a task of the Honorable Service campaign loaded, you can finish this Yamamoto mission by playing the XP task in six nights of play to the third crate if you have no CV, and possibly faster if you can spam spotting ribbons quickly enough or the credit mission if you consistently earn credits much faster than XP.

Consider that your credit gains for a given performance in battle are the same, win or lose, but a losing game will get you a lot less XP. By now you should have a feeling for which accumulates faster for you, and which of the two tasks you should pick. However, we are running on the assumption that you choose to play to the third daily crate for the sake of its contents, and this guide is built around what flows from that assumption.

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