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Why am I pretty bad, on average, with ships that are considered to be biased (esp at tier X - where it is supposed to be Easy button win, huge numbers, no talent needed)  but seem to do pretty well for the new Italian CA line that is - esp at tier 4-7 or so - considered to be poor...?   I don't know what it is with my play 'style' that makes the Italian line better for me (though I will fully admit - not a large sampling of games...) but...

I wish I understood so I could apply the lessons to the RU line...  French cruisers I was better at than most cruisers and French BBs I was FAR better at than US BBs, or even German BBs in their heyday. 


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I don't have much experience in the Russian cruiser line however, I'll give you the same advice I'd give an Omaha/Pensacola player. In a lightly armour suka ship your best bet is to stay as far as possible away from the caps, this is because everyone immediately drives straight toward the cap in the hopes of getting the first shot off. You're a GUNBOAT not a destroyer so don't feel like you need to push the caps early on. A working ship is always better than a sinking one. When I play my Budyonny/Murmansk/Indianapolis especially the latter I always remind myself to stay away from the cap's early on. Instead, I work the flank, make myself an annoying target to shoot and have meat shields in front of me so that I'm not going to have my ship shot out from under me. By about halfway through the battle is when you start to push, the BB's have been fought back and you can focus down the remaining ships with ease. Focus the DD's, finish off cruisers with your allies and use your W and S keys a lot to throw off your enemy's aim. This can be especially effective if you slam the S and A/D keys together so you can avoid incoming shot's, of course, altering your direction and speed constantly will almost guarantee your survival. You can also use the torpedo's lead indicator to estimate your target's speed to make sure you hit them on the first salvo. My final piece of advice is to think critically and don't act stupid this means if you're going into a fight where it's 3BB's vs you and a friendly BB stay behind the friendly, let the battleship tank for you because you can't tank. 1v1's are to be avoided unless you have every advantage, torpedo's ready, the enemy is broadside, you're angled and they have no idea where you are. Always put yourself in a favourable position to ensure your survivability and support your team. Best of luck in battle! 

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Sometimes a playstyle works and sometimes it doesn't. I remember a lot of threads and complaints Azuma was trash and to just save for Yoshino. Kite early when BB's are still around at full health, save aggression for later and I have no issues and generally seems to be a great ship. People talk about how the Kami clones are OP I can do the same terrible things I do to those teams in Minekaze as I do in that. Some of the supposedly best ships played the way everyone else says to play them, I do poorly, sometimes I do things people would comment I'm insane or trash for - but they tend to work for me. 

Some of it however is going to be teams. German BB's are meant to be aggressive brawlers - give me a team that supports that playstyle, and I'll tear through half the red team, sometimes literally. At high tiers in particular though that's not a thing often so I end up doing worse. I had a match in a CV few minutes ago had the team instead of worrying about the tier German BB at his max gun range, with a 5-1 advantage, stormed around the island and sunk Neptune there I could have run rampant over what ships were still in his general vicinity as they retreated. And another where had they sunk the Mino and Wor could have handled the DD and BB's with them in a group. 

Sometimes player and ship don't mesh, sometimes your own team, let alone the reds, won't let you play a ship the way it needs to be, and sometimes it takes a different way than usual to make a ship work for you. 

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I dont have much experience with the RM cruisers (just started the Amalfi), but I do have all the other cruisers, and it seems to me that the cannolli boats play most similarly to the baguettes. Speed, range, flanking, and holding fire until your target is focused on another ship are most useful to me.

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There are qualities to the different ship lines that will suit one player more than another.


Even in the heyday of Khabarovsk before all her nerfs started to happen, before the RU DD Split, I found a way to do poorly in her.  Despite doing well with her predecessor Udaloi (at the time before the split), Khab in her full power never did sit well with me.  I preferred my Fletcher and Udaloi over Khab, even in Khab's glory days :Smile_veryhappy:  I still remember friends trying to persuade me to do a Triple Khab Div in those days.  I really didn't want to because I sucked bad with her :Smile_coin:


Some guys like the speed, movement of the FR Cruisers.

Some want the RU Railgun Cruisers above all else, despite the squishy protection on many of these ships (people only think about Moskva, but never mention things like Schors, Chapayev, etc. being squishy), because of their proficiency at range.

Some will win more with the USN Radar Cruisers because of utility.

Some will want the stealth of IJN Cruisers.

Whatever.  It all depends on the playstyle you prefer and the line that caters to it.


Some people like and do well with Krasny Krym.

Despite the bad reputation Azuma got in reviews, word of mouth, some people still went and got her and do well with her.

People still Rank Out with ships deemed sub-optimal.

I have harsh criticisms for the ITA Cruiser Line, but if you're doing well with them, why ruin a good thing for yourself?

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