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What happened here captains, .. is this what I think it is?

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I was in Vanquelin yesterday, and the strangest thing I've ever seen in wows started to happen. First I could not steer, then it became impossible to aim, but the throttle was working fine. Naturally, you expect a network issue, but my ping was perfectly steady throughout the whole incident, which I could confirm by the high number of what I assumed were taunts coming from a division on the enemy team, of which language I could not understand. At one point, my ship was moving perfectly sideways while everyone else was moving normally.

When my ship was pointing north again, towards friendly waters, I cut the throttle, hit cntl-alt-delete, and reset my machine. The re-login took abnormally long, but my ship was still intact, the 'taunts' (I assume that's what they were) were still rolling in chat at a good pace too.

I have been asked by fellow players to post this for the purpose of keeping the game clean, to possibly help prevent others from having this happen to them.

I have attached my replay file, as well as posted it here https://replayswows.com/replay/72261#teams


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log in been taking abnormally long for everyone. it's not on our end, you can log into eve online, world of warcraft and play an entire skirmish in age of empires all while waiting for wows to load.

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