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Game stat improvement help

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Hello all,


I'm thinking whether my time would be better suited if I actually had a goal outside of the game.  I am no longer interested in grinding to any particular ship.  As I have pretty much the ships that I enjoy already in ports (two accounts).

What I'm here to ask your help is with "How to raise my stats more effectively" (besides, "seal clubbing")

Here is the link to the stats page.

My gut is vulnerable for your scrutiny, any help would be appreciated.


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The best way I know is to play in division with level headed players who are better than yourself. Pay attention to what they see as important.

Otherwise, focus fire unless you have an extremely high reward shot available, always have an escape route, know what your ship can over-match if applicable, try to create crossfire and don't get in them, put an eyeball on the mini-map whenever possible, play the same ship repeatedly but play it different every time if possible, pay very close attention to how you die and try to recreate it as the killer.

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Every time you know you messed up, think of how you could have done things better. It's seen me going from 47% all the way to where I am today.

Rushed forward and died in a BB? Don't think of not doing it, but think of how you could have done so better.

Showed too much side in a cruiser? Keep it in mind for next time, especially against US CAs and RN CLs, as well as Hood and Duke of York.

Get dev striked by torps in a BB or CV? Think about how you might have avoided that based on what you knew at the time.

Use your every mistake as a lesson, and nobody need teach you anything. Outside of that, practice the basics. I took Mo into co-op about 200 times in a row to practice brawling.

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